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  • I have inherited a bunch of wordpress websites to maintain on a linux server. They are a mess. I found the httpd.conf file with the root directories of the websites. Most are /var/www/website/wordpress. WordPress then runs index.php I assume, but the actual home pages are all over the place. How can I track through wordpress at the system level to find out where the home pages are? Are they stored in a file some where? I looked in the wp_options table and it does not seem to be there. I looked in the wp-config.php and it is not there. Please help.

    Thanks in advance for any help, Troy

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  • in the file, look for wp-admin/themes/%THEMENAME%/home.php

    but the actual home pages are all over the place.

    Uh? What home pages? WordPress stores all of it’s pages in a database.

    @klongdesigns: Sorry, but that’s just plain wrong.

    1. The vast majority of themes do not use a home.php file
    2. Even when they do, that’s just a template file – not an actual home page.

    Ok, I think I think I know what is going on now. I am new to WP so I don’t know a lot about the setup. Under the themes directory, they have several themes. I guess my new question is where is the value for %THEMENAME% stored and where is the assigned home page value stored for that theme.

    Please ignore the comment about home.php files. It’s simply not relevant. For all intents & purposes, most WP installs are run through the index.php file in the main install folder (that would be the same dir that houses the wp-config.php file). However, in some cases, the main index.php file will be in the dir above the main install folder.

    I’m still not sure what your issue is though. What do you mean by “home pages are all over the place”? If you’re referring to index.php files in general, every one of them is needed. Remove any one and you could either compromise the security of your own server or just break that site completely. Remember, WordPress does not produce files. It generates pages dynamically via a templating system.

    I guess I am going in blind and looking at the wordpress website. The server is pointing to /website/wordpress. I assume it is running the index.php file. That is redirecting the website to another place. In the one website I found the content for, it was in wp-content/themes/theme1/index.php. Under the themes directory, there are many themes, theme1, theme2, theme3, theme4, etc. Some have 5 or 10. Where can I find the value of the theme being used for that website and is it always running index.php or is this defined somewhere else and if it is, where?

    Why, as a host, do you need to find out what theme is being used?

    Please read the first post, I need to maintain them, I am not the host.

    So log into each site and check what theme is being used in the WordPress Dashboard.

    Ok, I do not know how to login, but will figure it out. I found the theme using phpadmin and it is in the wp_options table and is called current_theme I believe. Not sure abut the page though.

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