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  • I feel like this is the dumbest question in the world (I’m not a noob to php), but I’ve been spinning my wheels with this. Can someone please tell me where the rest bulk of the html markup for the head section of the gespaa theme is generated?

    I can’t find where the css links, meta info and other html is actually written to teh page (and I feel like an idiot for not being able to find it). I want to modify this theme a bit (add my own header graphic etc.), but I can’t find the correct file to edit!

    What am I missing? You can just point me to a filename or location…

    Thank you very much!!

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  • In header.php of course!

    I know — it clearly should be! (In every other theme it is and I understand it completely in those cases and was expecting to find it there), but in this particular theme (gespaa 2 column theme), the header.php file only has a few lines of code — it opens the “head” section, but then does not close it… The theme is generated correctly in my browser and when I view source, I view a full header section with a bunch of stylesheet links etc. in the head section, but this markup is neither in my header.php file or my index.php file! I’ve searched the entire theme directory for lines of markup from the source, and nothing is found, so I started thinking that maybe some code of this code may be generated in another part of wp?? Any ideas, or am I coming from outerspace here?

    thanks very much — I feel stupid!

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