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  • Well neither can we since you don’t provide a link to your blog. 😉

    It depends on how you;ve got your permalinks setup so we can’t just give you an answer. We have to see your blog to tell.

    often-times, you just add /feed/ to the end of your wordpress site address

    I don’t see why we’d need the guy’s URL to state that, but whatever

    Doesn’t work. The feed folder doesn’t exists nor the .xml file.

    However I’ve just found, seeing the icon in the Firefox address bar, that the correct url is:

    So, I don’t know how, but the problem is solved! 😉

    There isn’t a feed folder. It is a permalink, they don’t go to physical folders, it’s kind of a “pretty” URL but not a literal address.

    If you use permalinks then /feed/ should work

    Oh, thanks Dgold, I didn’t know.

    Unfortunately, I think I use permalink, but ../feed doesn’t work (try it by yourself: gives “404 Not Found”). How do I check the permalink?

    I’m not really sure but 1 thing you can try is go to your Admin > Options? > Permalinks and re-save the permalinks (change it to something else, and then change it back).

    Sometimes this re-writes the permalinks and it works better. Sometimes

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    The /feed/ url is not going to work because that blog is not using “pretty” permalinks at all.

    Go to Options->Permalinks and change it off the “Default” to the date and name based one. Then the permalinks will work, and most of your pages links should change automatically.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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