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  • I know several people have had the problem of getting only summaries in their RSS feeds, even when not using the <—more—> thing and having the full text enabled, but after poking around on here, I still haven’t found a solution.

    I’m using the new Odiogo service, which is a text recognition plugin that reads your posts aloud or serves them up as podcasts. Problem is, my feeds are coming across as summaries, even though I have the Full TExt option checked off.

    So my question is this…
    What php code would I go into and modify to actually make sure my full text option is turned on? Odiogo checked my feeds and confirmed that they really only are summaries. Enough people seem to have had this problem that I’d figure someone would have adressed it by now, and it happens whether I’m using the “more” tag or not, I even have the full text plugin that eliminates that issue to no avail.


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  • Addition.. by saying “I have full text option checked off”, I mean it is enabled.

    Well, I’ve found where the option gets changed in the code, no difference. Where do I go from here?

    Does anyone know the answer to this question?

    I too am looking for reasons why my feed, when sent through feedburner, displays only partial posts with no images. I see other feeds with full text and images.

    Why can I not do this simply with WP?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Were you running summaries at one time through feedburner and only recently switched it on to full text?

    Feedburner is your feed on another site. It’s not going to change immediately just from you flipping a switch on your own site. Make another post, see if feedburner changes then, after an hour or so.

    The full text switch does work. But when you throw other things into the mix like feedburner and such, then your changes might not happen instantly. This is not the fault of WordPress.

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