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    Hi there —

    I’m currently working on a site that uses WordPress as a GraphQL API. I’ve been trying to find Tag Groups in the API call, and I’m wondering where the information about the groups is getting stored on the backend.

    Right now, the GraphQL API is reading the tag-groups column in the wp_terms database successfully — when I change the values in the term_group column, I see a change on the front end. I had assumed that this plugin would update that column directly, but it doesn’t seem to change anything there. Whenever I add a tag to a new group using the plugin itself, it seems to ‘get’ that the tag has been updated but I’m unable to find that metadata anywhere, including manually searching the MySQL backend using PHPMyAdmin.

    Would you be able to tell me where on the backend the metadata is being stored, or is there a way to configure this plugin to update the database directly?
    And if not, do you know of a plugin that does?

    Thanks so much! (it’s a really cool plugin+would love to use it)


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  • Plugin Author Chris


    Hi Agnes,

    the group IDs are in the options table, look for “term_groups”, “term_group_positions” and “term_group_labels” (see class TagGroups_Groups in class.groups.php). The groups of a term are saved in the term meta, name “_cm_term_group_array” (see class TagGroups_Term in class.term.php). The term_group field of tags was used in the past, but not anymore.



    Hi Chris, thanks so much for such a fast+helpful response!

    From what I can see right now, the GraphQL endpoint doesn’t seem to pick up the ‘options’ table, which is frustrating as it definitely seems to ‘notice’ when tags are added to a tag group. Would you be able to tell me the number of the last version of Tag Groups that did edit the term_group field? Obviously it’s not ideal but I’d be interested to have a look into it.

    Thanks again for your help


    Plugin Author Chris


    You’re welcome!

    The change was introduced with version 1.24.0, so 1.23.2 should still save the group information in the term_group field. (I briefly checked the code, it seems to be the one. 🙂 )

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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