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    The only WordPress idea “Google adbusting” that I could see with your login name on it was deleted from the ideas system. Reading it is seems more like a suggestion on how to hack Google adverts than a realistic idea proposal. Plus you later followed up the post with what appears to be a set of spam links. So I guess that’s why it was removed, really..

    Dear Mr Mist. that is the one. Can you get me the text back please, thank you.



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    The text of the article was

    Hi, Are you also so annoyed by the overwhelming presence of advertisement on the web? Do you want to fight back? You can wth my idea!

    The idea revolves around creating phoney clickthorughs – the advertiser thinks he or shes getting seen, but in fact its a script humming. By this practise – it it is applied on a wide scale – the click through rates will decrease, advertising will become less profitable, and less omnipresent!

    The idea:
    first: harvest (google) ads from websites, possible centrally by a server, something similar to the aksimet spam database. What we need is the url where the ad is actually leading to, the URL which is being measured.
    Then a WordPress plug-in which gets a few of these urls from the central server, and it includes a javascript on each blog-page which “gets” the ad-url, without of course actually displaying the hyperlinked page.

    I beleive a DDoS-like script should be able to do that?

    Then the advertiser believes the visitor of the blog also saw his robo-step-ultra-ad, but in fact, no-one saw it – everyone is just minding their own business (not the advertisers).

    Unfortunately, this is beyond my basic php skills 🙁

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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