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  • Hi, my host site php is only version 4.4.9
    I want to upgrade to php5, but I cannot find the .htaccess file to add the necessary text.

    Please help! I am new to wordpress. Thanks a lot

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  • Are you using an FTP uploader? If not, get one, and connect to your site through that in the usual way (Google it if you’re not sure how)

    Then you need to show hidden files. In Cyberduck, the FTP client I use, it’s simply under View > Show hidden files.

    The .htaccess file will be in your public_html folder.

    Or use the file manager of your plesk / control panel / whatever you have.

    thanks for responding. I think I will just try uninstalling and reinstalling wordpress as I cannot see any folder called ‘public_html’.
    I have tried viewing hidden files, and I have also looked through every folder and cannot find it. I am using FileZilla fyi.

    Thanks again

    That’s not a WP folder! In most server settings the ‘root’ of the website is a folder called public_html, but it could be anything. Robrat just meant to say that the htaccess should be in the root of your domain/

    Mr E



    Its possible your host does not provide the .htaccess file, sometimes its stored in an unreachable location.

    There may be good news however, if you are allowed to append .htaccess information to your hosting service then you can bypass the problem. Your ISP should be able to inform you if this is allowed, you may want to call a few times to be sure. I know GoDaddy allows it.

    How to do it?
    First, you need the .htaccess file itself, if you are on windows make sure you can view ‘file extensions’ – Google can get those directions for you. Now right click on the desktop -> make new -> text file. When you name it, you can now see the ‘.txt’ portion. Just remove everything and name it .htacces

    You don’t have to add anything original, only add things that are missing from a standard .htaccess file.

    Now you have a file that you can edit in notepad and append the changes. With changes done simply upload that file to the root (base) folder of the WordPress install along with the ‘index.php’ and ‘config.pgp’ files.

    As said I suggest you call your hosting provider and confirm that this will work.


    Another option. Change permalinks in WP and WP will make an .htaccess file for you. Then the task to find it and add something 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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