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  • #title {
    background: url(images/HB_home10x12_home_02.jpg)no-repeat;
    border:1px solid;

    this is the snippet of code thats driving me crazy… no matter what i do the image isnt being called and i am left with an empty space… what the heck… ive tried it all saving under a different name, reslicing, redirecting… the works… knowing me its prob. something obvious but… i need an extra set of eyes… take a look here me love you long time for this… niq

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  • You are using a relative path which makes it look here: /test2/wp-content/themes/homebaseTemp/images/HB_home10x12_home_02.jpg

    But your image is here: /test2/images/HB_home10x12_home_02.jpg

    You can either put the image inside the theme’s images directory or specify the full path /test2/images/HB_home10x12_home_02.jpg

    you’re welcome..
    now where’s my love you long time? 🙂

    thats what it was… thanks a lot… but why dont i have to use the absolute path for any of the other images… strange…

    niqolus loves you loooong time…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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