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  • Hi there!
    Very insteresting and beatiful theme… I have always been insterested on horizontal layouts…

    One question… where is the menu located?
    In the video I see the 3 litle lines at bottom left, then the menu opens at bottom full width…
    But in the demo page the 3 little lines are in the upper right (on the second section, it is hidden in the 1st one), and the menu opens from bottom to top, in vertical, hidding all the page… (I find that a bit anoying)

    Maybe it is browser related…? are you using chrome? give it a try on firefox then…

    Best regards!

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    Hi luuuciano,
    Thanks for using the theme and about your positive compliments on the theme.
    About the menu, the theme displays the menu at the bottom in wider devices (like in pc and laptops). However, when you view the site in smaller devices with screen width below 768px the menu toggle button will be displayed at the top right section of the site clicking which will display the menu from bottom to top vertically.

    ohhh, I see now!

    Did not realized it because I was looking it on a wider screen, like 1200px… so, if the menu has to many items (like the demo has), it will be using the vertical behavior too…
    Anyway, it is a bit strange to have a vertical menu that uses all the screen… (I mean visually, and UI… like a modal dialog)

    Another “issue”, is that when that happens the menu (upper right) it is not present on “homepage”, you have to change to other section to see it… (if the screen is wider than 1200px or so, you can see the menu button down left… someone will think the same behavior should apply on narrower screens)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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