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  • I need to edit the loop.php for this theme for my website. Where is the loop.php? It doesn’t exist apparently and I don’t know why… Please help!!!

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  • Each template file probably has its own Loop.

    By this you mean the different php files have there own loops inside?

    Yes. It’s only themes that were upgraded to WP 3.0 or those released very recently that have a specific loop.php template. Prior to 3.0, all archive and page template files had their own Loops.

    Yes, that is what esmi is getting at..

    What theme are you using? Not every theme has its own loop.php in fact I have not seen many that do apart from some of the newer ones. I know Twenty Ten uses this method to store all the post loops in one file to reduce redundancy (code duplication).

    This will probably become the standard way to use loops in themes but it certainly is not implemented in a lot of them currently.

    It’ll be a bit before I go the loop.php route….. it makes my brain hurt!

    @rev: TwentyTen’s loop.php is a little complex but overall, it saves so much code replication. Many themes can run with just a single Loop in loop.php – which really simplifies things when it comes to upgrading/adjusting code.

    I love it!

    The theme I’m using is greyzed and I need the home page to always show excerpts and not my full posts.

    Try editing index.php in your theme and replacing <?php the content();?> with <?php the_excerpt;?>

    I think the new loop.php concept is an excellent idea but people looking at the Twenty Ten implementation will probably be put off initially. However as this method gets documented in new books etc. then it WILL become the standard way of doing things.

    It is not trivial though and people will most likely carry on with the way they know unless there are some clear and easy guidelines on how to use a loop.php file in there theme.

    I like the concept of the loop.php, It’s more about me changing my thinking. When I sit down to restyle my site again with my next new theme, I’ll probably decide to wrap my head around it more

    Good call esmi! That worked perfectly.

    If you guys wanna check out my site it is

    @ortox06 – You should really update your theme to use our latest version, which we’ve released at – it’s the same theme, but packed with new options 🙂

    @the Forge

    Which version of WordPress is the 1.3 version of this theme for downloaded from your site? There seems to be some confusion if it works with WordPress 3.0 and upwards, or if you have to use the lesser WP 2.x version with it.

    Also, is the 1.3 theme version newer than the version listed on WordPress for download?

    @mrgtb – What you should actually be doing is downloading the latest version of the theme from – The version is rather outdated. If you’re interested in the version, you will need to check in with WordPress as they actually coded that up.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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