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  • As you’ll soon realize I’m very new to all of this (blogs, PHP, CSS, etc.)
    I’m reading a lot about the whole process and correct me if I’m wrong but my wp-layout.css tells the browser how to arrange data on my screen (text and graphics). And the links in the layout are pulled from a database (the PHP part of the system), which are then presented according to how the .css file describes.
    Provided I’m remotely correct, where do I locate the raw text of my messages? Or my headings?
    This questions spawns from my desire to change the primary “heading” (not speaking lingo here, being literal) or title of my blog. Right now it’s displaying my URL and I’d like to change that. Where do I go in to edit this manually?
    Thanks and please put up with me…I’ll catch on to things (with a little help 😉

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  • Go into /admin/options and change blog title.

    Login to the admin side of WP (http: //
    Click “Options” and edit hte first thing there”Weblog Title”
    Click the “Update Options” button and you are good to go.

    Many thanks for the quick replies.
    But that still makes me wonder, in my infinite ignorance, Where is that text located? Like my post text…? Not that I want to do anything with it but I’m curious. Curious like a cat. That’s why my friends call me ‘whiskers’ 😉
    Thanks again…

    Strictly speaking, the file that places elements (read ‘stuff’) on your page is the file index.php in the main wordpress folder. This file contains the HTML markup, with intermingled PHP tags, that peices the page together.
    The wp-layout.css file is a cascading style sheet, and is used to juice up and alter the layout of the index.php file. With settings in the css file you can move the location of page elements, as well as alter the appearance of your page by changing things like background colors, borders, font types, sizes and colors, etc. It is the two files–wp-layout.css and index.php–working in tandem that ultimately layout the page.
    If you want to delve into the wp-layout.css file, it’s a great idea and totally doable–css files are where you get real fine tune control over page appearance–but there’s a learning curve.
    A great place to go to start learning to use CSS is the forum. There are many, many, many experts there and we all–advanced and learners alike–are eager to help out whenever we can. It’s a great place to get started.

    createErrMsg is partialy right…. the HTML that makes the posts is created on the fly, based on the content of the posts, which are contained in the database (the mySQL part).
    The index.php controls how some of the stuff is marked up and what it is, while the CSS file takes care of the positioning & looks.

    Thanks a bunch you guys. I’m already have fun tweaking things and figuring them out on my own…it’s just that I’m absolutely clueless when it comes to MySQL, etc. … probably why I’ll just stick to making my page look cool.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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