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    On, it’s mentioned that “As of Jetpack 6.0 we have created a dedicated settings page where you can access all privacy-related documents as well as an option to opt out of activity tracking if you wish to do so.”, but I can’t locate this page in my wp-admin (my WP version is 4.9.5, Jetpack version is 6.1). All I’ve found is a simple “Privacy Settings” where I can either check or uncheck “Send information to help us improve our products.”. Can you please let me know how to get to “the dedicated settings page”? Thank you in advance.

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  • I would like to know this too!

    We’re in the process of putting the finishing touches on all of our GDPR-compliance-related integrations and will have a point release available that includes everything that you’ll need before the deadline next week.

    In the meantime, you can follow our progress here:

    Please continue to check the link above for updates as we launch new features to enhance user privacy and data choice in the coming days.

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    @tmmbecker I see, noted. Thank you for the info!

    You are most welcome 🙂

    Cool news, the feature i expect to see within 25 May:

    – checkbox for comments and subscription widget to give consent about personal data usage.
    – the consent given must be verified (eg. date and time when the consent has given)
    – users can revoke consent at any time
    – GDPR ready sharing/like buttons

    How to deal about privacy and consent for old followers of subscription widget and for comments already posted as those users haven’t checked the checkbox?

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    I wonder (and worry) about this as well. One of my sites uses Jetpack’s comments feature, and I need for it to include a consent checkbox.

    The deadline is this coming Friday, May 25, so Jetpack is cutting it a bit close.

    I was willing to ask the same. My main interest is in the subscription form (although I support my colleagues with Jetpack comments as well).

    You have to take this issue as something mandatory because in Europe if this rule is not met, they will fine and there is no money to pay fines. People will remove Jetpack and look for other options…

    Greetings from Spain!

    I search aslo.
    I want to desactivate it, under my comment i have 2 gdpr checkbox, one in english from jetpack and one from another plugin in french.

    I can’t find where i can desactivate jetpack gdpr, it’s a real trap.

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    @simbian @dutchintouch @joanmor @pierreto

    There are a few valid options to be transparent and compliant about cookies that a site uses to enable its features – like the comment form autocomplete. We chose to include information about the cookies we use, including this one, in our cookie policy here:

    If you want to alert users to the use of these kinds of cookies on your site, you can do that using the cookie and consent tools that we’ve recently added to Jetpack:

    For all sites that have activated our Akismet plugin, we’re now including the option to Display a privacy notice under your comment forms. This is included for all sites with any Akismet plan that are running the most recent version of that plugin.

    If you’d prefer to include one and aren’t using Akismet, we recommend that you deactivate Jetpack’s Comment form. You can do this at Jetpack → Settings → Discussion in your dashboard. Your site will then display the default WordPress comment form again, which now includes a checkbox.

    Finally, we have also added privacy information to the bottom of the support document for every Jetpack feature. You can read the details for Comments here:

    When someone uses the Jetpack Subscription feature to request email notifications of your new posts, only the details needed to carry out that request are collected. In the language of the regulation, this is a “legitimate interest” use of that data. In our view, additional opt-ins are not needed and can be potentially confusing. That’s the reason that there is not a built-in feature for a checkbox.

    It’s a good idea to offer people the chance to opt-out of legitimate interest uses of data, in case they did not understand or change their mind. Jetpack does this through the confirmation email that we send to new subscribers. A link to opt-out or ‘unsubscribe’ is included in that initial message and every subscription email thereafter that is sent on your behalf.

    Furthermore, Jetpack does not use e-mail addresses collected for any other purpose, only to fulfill the individual subscription request. That information does not get shared, sold, or get added to advertising email lists without consent.

    If you remained concerned about this, you’re welcome to create a post on the site highlighting the unsubscribe links and explaining this to your subscribers. An email with that notification will automatically be sent to your subscribers just as it does with any post.

    If you have additional, more specific concerns, please start your own threads, as per the Forum Welcome:

    Thank you!

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