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  • Where is, or where does one put and how, the css to control the new, simple to use, built-in video feature?

    At present, it appears to justify to the left. How does one center it? <div> align tags seem to break it.

    I have to say … I think it is confusingly named or placed as ‘Admin> Setting > Media’ when we already have an ‘Admin > Media’ … could do with a renaming to embeds or a move and combining with “Media”.

    (I have only tried it out with two templates … I cannot even find which files are handling it).

    Thanks in advance.

    … update … it seems that div tags <div align=”center”> only break the feature IF you have them on the same line as the URL.

    If you put them above and below, they do work. I’ll let you guys work out if that is a bug or a feature but ma still interested in css or settings defaults for alignment.

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  • Just an update …

    either WP 2.9.1 or the new MCE is messing with handwritten code, e.g. it will remove <div align=” center”> tag and move the <div> to else where.

    It is also adding a lot of nasty unnecessary coding empty tags … it is starting to look like MS Word HTML …

    So … where is the css for controlling video embeds?


    OK … this is faulty … it is bug …

    2.9.1 cannot cope consistently with URLs and style whether they are for videos or just links.

    There is something screwy about the new visual edit and it is conflict with edits made in the text edit …

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