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  • I cannot find where the comments for a post are printed in the default Kubrick theme.
    I searched for it, some function catalogs say it should be on line 38 in comments.php, but it’s not there! And it’s not anywhere in the file.
    The only place I have found comment_text() in so far is comments-popup.php, which is not used.

    I need to display custom text in every comment, that’s why I’m looking for where the comments are displayed, to add my <?php print… before it.

    Where can I find comment_text() or where are the comments displayed?


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  • Ok,
    after looking through comments.php, it seems to me that comment_text() is now replaced with wp_list _comments loop.
    Other people also noticed it.

    So, is there now no way to change the formatting of displayed comments?



    Yeah, there is. One of the arguments that function takes is a callback function, in which you can redefine the layout. Look for the function in the codex to find out all about the arguments.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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