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  • I’m moving from where I am using the Chateau theme and I want to continue to use it with I know that it was available on at one time because I found it here and others have purchased it, but now I can’t find it here or anywhere. Any information on what happened to it?

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  • Michael


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    please use web search for these trivial questions – search term ‘chateau wordpress theme’

    the theme is commercially available here

    Please click your own links before you call a person’s question trivial. That site has been down for weeks and Ignacio Ricci who designed Chateau does not respond to email.

    So, does anybody who has done research on the subject have any knowledge on this issue. I see too many responses like the one from alchymyth on these forums. People who just like to snipe at what the do not understand need not reply.



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    interesting – I clicked the link before posting, and the site is up and running, and the link on the top left to buy the theme seems to be working…

    to avoid getting basic unwanted answers, next time, please describe in more detail what you have researched so far, and why you are asking.

    not very informative:

    but now I can’t find it here or anywhere.

    edit and ps:
    possibly get it from here:
    read this topic in connection with it:

    Thank you. I have been using Internet explorer and Windows 7. I will try other browsers.

    Not to beat a dead horse, but I cannot open the site with Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome on either a Windows 7 or XP machine, not that that would make a difference. I’ve never had such a selective problem opening a site, is cached on your machine perhaps? The wpcom-themes.svn site you give would require I copy and save hundreds of files and recreate the folder structure of the theme. And It is not clear if that version is the .com version or the much slimmer one for Not only that, but I would not want to bypass paying the creator of Chateau. Do you or anybody else, know why it once appeared in the searchable collection of themes and now is no longer there?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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