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    I am working on widening my blog. I know how to make the body larger and resize the sidebars but I am still left with the top menu bar the current size.

    I just cant work out where to make the menu bar larger!
    Can someone please point me to the area that I need to look at in the style sheet? Would be much appreciated.

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  • Also why does the sidebar headings lose one of their rounded courners when I do increase everything from 900px to 1200px?

    It depends on the theme you are using. A lot of theme creators make a #header, #menu, #body, and #footer divs in the css. For example, my #header width is 920px and my #menu div is auto since it is located inside my header div within the header.php file. You might want to look in your header.php file to see if you can find it and if it is named something other than #menu.

    Ok, so obviously my menu is not auto within the header because that would have changed also. Yikes, didnt want to go messing with php files! LOL
    Thanks heaps, Ill see if I can find it somehow.

    perhaps post a url of your blog so we can see the issues…

    Ah, Ive reverted it back to the way it was, but Ill make the changes again and post the url here. Thanks.

    You can see how the menu bar isnt reaching across but is the old size and that the sidebar headers have lost the right rounded courners.

    ooops that links not working but thats the url anyway.

    Hi PurplesRealm,
    It looks like the magenta-coloured navigation background is an image with a fixed with. The image is located at:

    By increasing the width of this image to 1200px and moving the right-hand corner to the far right of the image, you will achieve the desired effect. 🙂

    I hope this helps.


    So its the image itself, gotcha! Thanks so much Matty. 😀

    Do you have an idea how I can fix the corners on the magenta sidebar headings? When I changed it all the corner vanished! Not sure where to change that one.

    I found out how to fix it! Just had to change back the block header div r back to 900px and not 1200px.
    So all resolved now.
    Thanks heaps all for your fantastic help. 😀

    Thanks, PurplesRealm. Glad I could help. 🙂

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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