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    When a customer completed a payment via paypal, I receive a notification email with this format (it’s in spanish but I think you got the idea).

    I want to format it so it can have a better look for the website administrator. Thanks a lot.

    Email received:

    Paypal IPN -Pago completado Ref:7FB95888MR653883D

    Se ha recibido una notificación de pago instantáneo

    xxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.comen06/18/2013en9:07 PM


    mc_gross: 45.00
    protection_eligibility: Ineligible
    address_status: unconfirmed
    item_number1: CU03 : XXXXX
    payer_id: XXXXXXX
    tax: 0.00
    address_street: XXXXXXXXX
    payment_date: 14:07:28 Jun 18, 2013 PDT
    payment_status: Completed
    charset: windows-1252
    mc_shipping: 5.00
    mc_handling: 0.00
    first_name: XXXXXXXX
    mc_fee: 2.73
    address_country_code: EC
    address_name: XXXXXXXXx
    notify_version: 3.7
    custom: d7e62e946b0eb209ee5e459797c5326551c0cb6c3ca589.27659191
    payer_status: unverified
    address_country: Ecuador
    num_cart_items: 1
    mc_handling1: 0.00
    address_city: GUAYAQUIL
    verify_sign: AQ5SFBcOAs95BHjRoeJApcJjrc3JAtBwYFH-WMC5P6Pro-KCBh8LwjKG
    mc_shipping1: 5.00
    tax1: 0.00
    txn_id: 7FB95888MR653883D
    payment_type: instant
    last_name: XXXXXXx
    item_name1: XXXXXXXX
    payment_fee: 2.73
    quantity1: 1
    receiver_id: TFJ5P4X3G9RRC
    txn_type: cart
    mc_gross_1: 45.00
    mc_currency: USD
    residence_country: EC
    transaction_subject: d7e62e946b0eb209ee5e459797c5326551c0cb6c3ca589.27659191
    payment_gross: 45.00
    ipn_track_id: 1c47b0964ffa1

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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