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  • Did you move the site as per:

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    Have you contacted your hosting providers regarding this?

    Thanks for your quick replies.

    101domain said they cant do anything.

    Previous host is not helpful.

    I didnt move the site as per your link. 101 domain just did it, but the website was down before they transfered it I think.

    i cant login to admin, so cant get the backup files.

    anything else i can try without having to redesign the site?

    Do you mean that 101 domains moved your site? OR that they changed the nameservers? That’s not actually moving your site – it only changes where the domain name “works.” If you don’t have a copy of the database and your site files from your original host, no, there’s nothing you can do except start over again.

    What is your old host telling you about the site content and/or what was the problem there?

    101domain transferred the domain to them.

    They also provide the hosting for the domain now.

    If they have just changed the name server to them – what do i need to do?

    Ask your old hosting company for help with getting the database contents and site files. See the link I posted above about how to move a site.

    thank you

    i found an old SQL file – is there a way I can upload that to bring back my old website?

    Yes, you can upload it with PHPmyAdmin to your new database and restore your website’s content. However if you do not have the files (the wordpress instalation including themes, uploads etc) you will only restore texts and settings

    Thank you for your reply.

    Please can you explain how I upload the MYSQL file?

    At least I would be able to copy the text from my old site them.

    See Restoring_Your_Database_From_Backup. Do check that the backup file matches your current database version, though.

    Hello, the same thing happened to our blog and I’m not sure what happened. When we log in the login page just comes up blank. There is nothing on the screen at all!!

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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