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  • I have WP 2.7 installed on my home system – XP Pro – fully updated, large disk, 2gB RAM. I made a lot of progress today which for me is a good thing since I’m just an appliance oper. I have Apache 2.2.11 set up and running. PHP 5.2.8 Server and mySQL 5.1.30 also are set up and running. I do not intend to put this out on the net – it’s just for me to play locally with so I can learn some things about features/blogging/and WordPress in general. But I think I have this “localhost” business set up wrong or misunderstand where to put things in a standalone setting.

    The WP fileset I downloaded and unzipped to c:\wordpress. In PHP I had to fiddle with php.ini to get WP’s install.php to run – it finally worked. In order to invoke WP, I have to open IE and type in http://localhost/wp-admin/login.php which tosses up a nice looking WP page asking for username and password, that all goes well. I can get to the Dashboard and change any and all settings and so forth. I created some pages to play with and published them via the Admin.

    The problem: Now I don’t know where the pages or page data files are located (published to) therefore I can’t point my browser to them. I’m not sure where they’re being saved! Every time I hit “Visit Site” off the Admin I get tossed to the “localhost/wp-admin” file display and not to the blog title page I was expecting. I’m sure it’s just a setting I missed or messed up on but I can’t find it or don’t know where to look.

    Can someone tell me if I’m doing this correctly? Is there a “path” statement I need to use? Does anyone know where I should put “pages” and exactly how to publish them on the drive/in the folders so I can see the results as users would out on the ‘net?

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  • Guessing you didn’t get the files all placed correctly.

    In my case I have xampp installed and under xampp/htdocs I have a folder called wordpress that hold the wp-admin, wp-content, wp-admin, and 24 or so WordPress files.

    I browse to http://localhost/wordpress to access the blog.

    Installing WordPress has a section on installing WordPress on your local computer and this is still useful:

    Yeah – I’ve checked out the docs on the WordPress site. Also, I tried the XAMPP thing but gave up on it. Seemed like the software was “old”. Besides I wanted a system that was as-close-as-I-could-get to what we (our non-profit) have running on our live production server hosted elsewhere. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a tutorial for a standalone Apache-based system. When I go to http://localhost/wordpress, I get a 404. I agree with you, I don’t have the files in the right place, but the question is: What IS the right place?

    Okay, determine what is your web-root folder.

    Put the code described in Finding_Server_Info in your web-root folder, and browse to http://localhost/testphp.php If you see the PHP info then you’ve figured out your web-root folder.

    Now put the wordpress folder in that web-root folder and proceed with the install.

    Okay –

    I already have that function call saved as “test.php”. Right now it resides in XP at: c:/wordpress. In Apache-land, this is known as the “DocumentRoot”. I can launch the script by sending the browser to http://localhost/test.php and can see all my PHP information nicely displayed. I don’t see any of the MySQL reports as demonstrated in the sample at Finding_Server_Inf. I don’t know if that’s part of the issue here.

    So as far as I can tell, I am in the web-root folder. Problem is: “localhost” isn’t a “folder” per se, it is a replacement for “c:/wordpress” (I guess) and I guess I’m just looking for Page1.html or Page2.html somewhere in the filesystem.

    Is this making any sense?

    You would seem to have MySQL installed because you already got WordPress installed once. You are right, localhost isn’t a folder.

    I’d say put the wordpress folder in the same folder you put the test.php. Inside the wordpress folder will be the wp-admin, wp-content etc.

    Well, let me ask this…

    Suppose I was at the desktop and launched a browser session which then goes to my homepage (Google, for example). What command would I then use up in the address bar, to bring up my experimental 7 page WP website? I never seem to be able to “find” the correct address due to the fact that I have it on “localhost” and not a “” type thing. I thought it would be “http://localhost/SVdP Test Site” because that’s what I’ve named it. I can definitely get in to the Admin because I’ve done it now a couple hundred times. I just not at all sure how SVdP Test Site can be called from this standalone configuration. Again, in the Admin – upper left hand area there’s a link showing “SVdP Test Site — visit Site” but when clicked it just tosses me to “Index of /” with a list of the .php files and parent folders.

    Boy, am I confused! 🙂

    One thing more – test.php – it’s sitting inside the folder c:/wordpress!!! I’m really going to need to rethink the whole structure of what I’ve got set up. Again, I’m certainly hoping that WP can indeed be made to work in a “standalone” environment…

    More experiments…

    I set a new folder at c:/wordpress/svdp. In WP 2.7’s Settings I entered c:/localhost/svdp at “Blog address (URL):”. Reboot so that everything clears and restarts. Again when in the Admin and I hit the “SVdP Test Site – visit site” link in the upper left hand corner, it takes me to a blank page with Index of SVDP / and the word “Parent” one line down. I simply need to find where the 7 page test website is being stored in WordPress… It obviously is not being stored at the “Blog address (URL):”

    Where the heck on /localhost/ is the thing hiding???

    I have xampp installed in c:\xampp and in the xampp folder I have a folder called htdocs that is the web-root folder. In c:\xampps\htdocs I have a folder called wordpress with all the WordPress folders and files.

    In Blog Address URL and WordPress Address URL I have http://localhost/wordpress and I access the blog in by broswer with http://localhost/wordpress

    Hello all. I’m still struggling with this! I can’t seem to understand how the blog is being stored (if that’s the right word) on localhost. I can never get to it and suspect I have the folders/folder structure incorrectly set on the drive. But I don’t know if it’s messed up in mySQL setup, PHP setup or WP.

    I moved everything from c:\wordpress It was becoming more and more confusing to me as I’ve been reading and reading trying to come up with the answer. YouTube has some nice videos on the subject of localhost but so far they’re all talking about different systems/software than what I have. Some of it applies and some of it doesn’t. So I moved my files to a different place. Here’s what I have set up now:

    Apache Server config: Document Root = c:/svdp/wordpress And on the drive, the related structures are set below underneath that (wp-admin, wp-content and so forth) <Directory> c:/svdp/wordpress> because the instructions say to set it the same as the Doc Root. Again, with this I can get into the Admin Dashboard and change all the settings. In Settings – I have Blog URL and WordPress URL set to: http://localhost

    However, in the Dashboard, upper left hand corner, there’a a link that you’re supposed to be able to call up the site in an attempt to see the result of your changes. All I get in the browser is a white page and the listing of what’s inside c:/svdp/wordpress I never get the website/blog. This is why I’m saying, “Where’s the blog being stored?” Let me also ask for some definitive advice about the trailing forward slash on these references? That may be a key to setting the references properly.

    I really thank everyone for their patience and of course, the advice I’m being given.

    Hmmm – I have another thought…

    When one hits the “visit site” link in the top left hand corner, which/what *.php file should that be pointing to??? Right now when I right click on it, the properties panel shows “/localhost/” I think that’s my problem – it’s not pointing at the right file and I don’t know if it’s the Settings for Blog URL and/or WordPress URL that need to be changed. I don’t have Blog URL and/or WordPress URL properly entered in the WP Admin>Settings fields.

    Anyone know?

    Is the file to be called = “index.php” in some directory somewhere???
    Is it “index.html” in some directory somewhere???

    I feel like I’m really close to solving this…

    Solved it!

    I kept digging around. In Apache’s httpd.conf file, I had set:

    # DirectoryIndex: sets the file that Apache will serve if a directory
    # is requested.
    <IfModule dir_module>
    # I modified this jan12 changing to …
    DirectoryIndex index.html
    # DirectoryIndex index.php index.html


    However the correct setting was/is:

    # DirectoryIndex index.html
    DirectoryIndex index.php index.html

    Blog now plays as expected from the browser by calling: http://localhost/ Nothing else other than this is needed.

    What a stuggle! But I finally got it to work.

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