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    I am trying to combine WordPress with the Vanilla forums.
    What I want is that every post I make with wordpress, should be a new thread on vanilla. So basicly after WordPress inserts the data in the WP tables, I want it to insert the same data in the Vanilla tables.
    Now my question is where do I put the code to enter it in the Vanilla tables?

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  • I realised my question was a little bit vague so let me try again: In which file does wordpress insert the data into the database after I clicked the PUBLISH button?

    I looked at post.php in the includes folder, and tried pasting my code on line 641 (right after the first big INSERT query) and on line 1374 (right after the second big INSERT query) but neither of those worked. Its like the script doesn’t even get executed.

    Sounds like you’re going to have to tie the databases together.

    Everything is set up correctly, I already got the authentication system working.

    I still haven’t found it yet, any help is welcome and greatly appreciated.

    if you’re asking what DB table the posts go into all you have to do is look at your WP DB. The table is called wp_posts or something like that.

    No, I knew that, thanks anyway. What I mean is, which file contains the query that sends it all to the DB, when I submit a new post.
    That way I can make my own query, and make WP execute them both.

    You can make a plugin to attach to the publish_post action.

    Woah didn’t even know that existed. Thanks alot for all the support. I think I’ll manage from now.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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