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  • Hi Guys can anyone tell me which file you place the Google Adsense code in to get it to display on every page on the right hand side.
    Cheers Andy

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  • index.php under your menu section.

    in the index.php where ever u find it suits actually 🙂

    but he asked where to put it to be on “the right hand side” 😉

    how do u know he is using the default template 😉
    yeah yeah, i admit i did not read the post carefully… :p

    Thanks Guys appreciate the help. Works a treat. You guys are the tops. Man I’ve finally found something that works for the layman. Yahoo …….
    Cheers Andy

    I wrote a plugin to do mine, but I stick it at the top of the page under the header 🙂

    Ehm, I inserted Google Adsense code below my menu on the right handside too, but it does not show sensible ads, just the default ones (which don’t get me ca$h :()… When you click on a specific article (goto comments) it does show ads! I am totally confused. What makes my frontpage different? Anyone any idea? You can find my site here:

    You have checked your validation since the adsense install?

    I use Google for some months succesfully now, so the answer is yes :).

    Well you wont mind me pointing out you have 18 validation errors.

    Ehm, I am not sure what you mean by validation errors?
    I just got the template from some site I found and I must admit I don’t know a lot about HTML, CSS, XHTML or all this stuff ;). I know how to setup Linux boxes properly ;).

    Welcome to WordPress.

    Using a bit of css with a background image, I reckon I have the spiffiest adsense block ever! No need to click on the ads, just take a look how it fits in with the site design. I’ve put the ads at the bottom of the page so they are not in everyone’s face…

    Well I have to admit they are kind of discreet 🙂

    great site. love the window for sponsored links.
    care to post your template?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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