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    I’m sorry to trouble you all with a very specific and weird issue.
    I am running two concurrent WP installs (one WP for each language). (english) (russian, previously

    And after transferring website from to
    The cforms plugin is not applying the styling.

    The kicker: I can’t change anything in WP back end (very strict restrictions).
    Only way to change anything is via FTP access or mysql.

    After further analysis I determined that cforms -> custom styling window is blank on the WP version where contact form has no styling applied. Even after all custom forms being copied in respective FTP folders.

    I want to copy the styling in this blank form, but I’m unable to use WP back end (no changes are allowed due to restrictions).

    So question is:
    Where in FTP settings of cforms plugin could I look for this field via backend or Database?

    Example of “blank style” settings page:

    I understand that this is about a specific plugin, however, I don’t know where to turn and maybe someone could at least point me in right direction?

    And here is example how it should look (correct style applied):

    I really just need to figure out where I can access this particular field via backend FTP or mysql and then styling should work.

    Thank you for any help regarding troubleshooting this issue!

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  • Plugin Author bgermann


    Please install a current cformsII version. The style editor was removed with v14.9, so you seem to be using an ancient version. Please also say then which version you updated to.

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    Thank you for your quick reply.

    It does seem really silly as this is cforms 12.2, but there is no way to update.

    I’m unable to change anything on server except make edits in FTP.

    It would be overly complex to install cforms, since the backend of wordpress is frozen (wordpress lacks permissions to make any changes).

    It is a bad situation, but right now the contact form works and we have to keep this site up until we redesign it completely.

    The only way to solve this issue is to understand which files did not get copied or for in which specific DB entry is the file that confirms format of custom styling.

    because the cforms was working perfectly AND applying the styling before it was moved from to

    If it was working perfectly before, then something must have happened in DB or in some files that made it drop the styling. If I would find out where its applied, I would just copy identical styling from (it has identical setting only in English). So far everything I copied doesn’t help.

    Weird thing is – contact form still works! it just looks really bad.

    Is there absolutely no way you could point me in the right direction when it comes to figuring out which DB entry or file in file structure of cforms applies the styling?

    Plugin Author bgermann


    The directory to store custom CSS is cforms-custom. That never changed. I think in the old versions each .css had to be accompanied by a .png or .jpg with the same base file name.

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    Thank you for replying and being patient with me, bgermann.

    I checked and in the “working style” version of site (English WordPress): here is where cform custom .css are kept:

    That is the styling I have to apply (wide_open_big.css)
    Now those files are copied 1:1 in both versions in respective folders, so the styling is there.

    The problem arises from this styling not getting applied in WordPress back-end cforms settings. In the “working” WP the styling shows as “selected”, but in the “non-working” version it is simply blank.

    It seems that wordpress or database is keeping the reference to the styling somewhere, in some file.

    Question is – where could the reference be?

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    Plugin Author bgermann


    cformsII uses one database field that stores all the info including the style.

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    cformsII uses one database field that stores all the info including the style.

    Thank you so much for clarifying that.

    Which database entry is it? What is the name?

    It seems that maybe the database entries have not been transferred successfully.

    But what should I search for in database?

    Plugin Author bgermann


    It is a WordPress Option called cforms_settings. It is a PHP-serialized multi-dimensional array with the the style file reference in ['global']['cforms_css'].

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