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  • Where do you go if you’re not getting help on here?

    My past two posts on the same problem have largely gone ignored or maybe nobody on here knows how to fix it. Is there a mdoerator or a WP support team that can help?

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  • I’m afraid we are it.

    Well, then can someone please, PLEASE try to respond to my problem?

    The plugins I’ve installed do not appear on my dashboard to activate. Also, the Widgets tab is not appearing under Presentation after I’ve uploaded the Widgets plugin to wp-content/plugins using my FTP Client under godaddy.

    The only plugins that appear are the default hello dolly and askimet. they display, snap and social bookmark widget. Nothing else shows up and I’ve since tried to upload the following:

    general stats

    You’re absolutely sure that the files have been uploaded to your plugins directory? Could you tell us what filepath you see with your ftp program? Are the files properly unzipped and everything? Can you give us screenshots?

    Excuse the stupid questions but we can’t of course see what’s going by taking a look over your shoulder…

    Maybe spamming the forums and repeating the same question and the same information over and over again while marking your posts as “Urgent” isn’t such a good idea.

    You’re not the only one here. Please remember that.

    I’ll try to run through your posts.

    using my FTP Client under godaddy

    Could you explain what is that?

    I’m wondering if the poster has unzipped the zip files they have uploaded.

    Flagged as modlook. This time waster is double-posting, getting replies in both posts, AND complaining about not getting help.

    I’m sorry for double posting but I wasn’t getting much help and I thought perhaps I wasn’t making my problem clear or posting in the right place. I really odn’t know what else to do. Here is a screenshot:

    godaddy is my hosting server.




    that image is nice but doesnt do anything to answer the questions I asked you in the other thread.

    so here it is again:

    what are using to upload these plugins, and where (specifically) (whats the EXACT path you see) are you uploading them to?

    I want to know the FULL path, in other words —


    NOT wp-content/plugins

    thats a relative path.

    This is what I would like you to do please.

    Look at your image, supposedly you have a folder in your plugins directory named:


    Now im going to post some links for you:

    Here is the hello dolly plugin, exactly where it needs to be:

    According to what you have in that image, I ought to be able to browse to a particular file includes in the useronline plugin and bring it up in my browser.

    One file included in the zip is named:


    so lets do this:

    doesnt work.

    So when you unpack the zip it actually unpacks to :


    so lets try that:

    doesnt work.

    What does that tell you? I know exactly what it tells me.

    What is inside wp-useronline.2.10? Give me a file name or a directory name.

    If its a directory, whats the name of the directory, and give me the name of a file inside that directory.

    The path for that plugin begins here (no public_html or any other directories):


    under that is another directory called wp-useronline


    under that is another directory called useronline and two readme files.


    under that are the php

    hopefully I’ve answered ur question. thanks for the detailed look at this. I truly appreciate it.




    well that solves THAT problem ..


    thats not how that zip unpacks.

    and assuming you are doing the same thing for all the other plugins it wouldn’t be surprising to hear you’re having trouble.

    Look inside the askimet folder.. what do you see? Thats a rhetorical question intended to get you thinking and observing. 🙂

    Look at the README for useronline. It reads:

    Installation Instructions

    1. Open wp-content/plugins Folder
    2. Put: Folder: useronline

    useronline is ONE directory with NO subdirectories.

    you’ve added, not just one, but TWO extra directories on top of that.

    I suggest taking a look at how you have installed plugins that exist within directories, and also the READMEs if any exist.




    and please, if you need any more help with this, take the extra time to answer questions .. I asked for a file name up above.

    … and give me the name of a file inside that directory.

    We ask questions because we usually dont get enough information. Answering promptly and accurately helps make these threads much shorter.

    One small thing to add: if you use that FTP thing from godaddy – make sure the plugins files (and all the PHP files) are uploaded as ASCII, not binary. Use binary ONLY for images!

    YOU HAVE FOUND THE ANSWRERS! THANKS whooami and moshu! Following both of your instructions have fixed the problem! PHEW!

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