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  • First, someone needs to update the forums here to list 2.5.x series in the version dropdown, no?

    Second, the link in WP 2.5.1 goes to:

    Which has no compatibility list that I could find. So I just assumed (wrongly, natch) that all themes listed are 2.5.1 compatible. Nope.

    It’s a complete crap-shoot. You have no idea whether the theme you download is going to work “out of the box” or not. Out of the 3 I tried, only one didn’t spit back an error on a clean WP 2.5.1 install.

    The vast number of themes really are one of the core components of what makes WP cool. But with a theme site that doesn’t seem like it was updated in the past 6 months, this really speaks to a disconnect between the developers pushing out code, and the folks responsible for ensuring all the supporting stuff (themes, plugins, etc.) work just as seamlessly as they always have.

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  • Did a Report a Site Bug for the Version dropdown comment.

    For themes that are 2.5 compatible see:

    Thanks… This looks like a very helpful list, so it’s a mystery to me why (a) this isn’t the default link in the admin panel? and (b) why there’s no mention of this important information over at the /extend/themes/ link? It would be very helpful to folks looking for compatible themes.

    Thanks again for the link and help.

    I agree with doc about that. Those kind of links shouldn’t be buried and it would cut down a lot on folks having to come in here and ask this question.

    And the themes repository is an embarrassment. It’s the internet equivalent of an abandoned house. It’s like Lord of the Flies there and the contact form doesn’t even work. 🙁 But that’s a rant for another day.

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