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  • After implementing some stuff to deal with trolls, I don’t have to deal with them much anymore. However, I’ve always been wondering.
    What motivates trolls to do what they do in the first place? Boredom? Envy? Sheer stupidity? And where do they come from anyway? I have a little tracker on my site and the trolls that I had at the time came out of nowhere. It’s like they just magically appeared… 😛

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  • They live under bridges, near goats 🙂

    Heh 😀

    Seriously though, once you publish and ping pingomatic, your blogname appears all over the place. That coupled with RSS and places like Bloglines means you can be read anywhere, by anyone – which is the point I guess.
    So yea, bored, stupid and other similar words would seem to fit the bill. Still, if it means you got to learn funky new stuff, it’s not so bad.

    Speaking of pingomatic, does a listing there ever expire? Anybody know? Does it keep coming back and looking even after you stop pinging with updates?

    What is a good way to combat trolls?
    And, I’m curious about search engines. I did a google on myself (so google CAN be a verb, huh?) and I came up with old, old, old, link references. How does one go about getting those corrected by the SE? Re-submit the new URI? I can see where I’m being spidered by SEs all day long it seems… the main ones that are incorrect are Alta Vista, Lycos, Yahoo….

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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