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  • I have the shashin plugin enabled and there are a couple of issues:
    NOTE: for development reasons, WP is installed on a subfolder and that COULD be the issue, but Toppa’s FAQ page doesn’t answer a couple of things.
    1) Is the plugin supposed to pull images directly from a Picasa album? Toppa has a FAQ that reads:

    Why store all the album and photo metadata locally? Why not just read the Picasa RSS feed on the fly?

    OK, so why is it billed as something you can use directly with your Picasa account? If it has to work with locally stored data, then where’s the instruction for that? Do I enter a URL from the media library?

    2) Why can’t I seem to open a new browser window when I’ve selected that under Settings>Shashin>Open in new browser window

    NOTE: The instructions also tell one to configure Shashin and Highslide (now included with Shashin download, BTW) in the Options tab. With 2.5.1 it’s done via the Settings.


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  • Sorry for the late reply – I wasn’t keeping up with the forums last month. I fixed the documentation to say “Settings” tab now, since it’s no longer called “Options.”

    Shashin displays your photos directly from Picasa. It stores metadata about the photos locally to do things that would be impossible if it relied solely on reading the Picasa RSS feed on the fly. For example, with Shashin you can create a slideshow of pictures from any combination of albums. To do that without local metadata, I’d have to parse, on the fly, the RSS feeds for every one of the albums involved, which would likely make it unusably slow. It also lets Shashin store data about your photos that doesn’t exist in Picasa. For example, you can choose to exclude certain photos from Shashin’s random photo displays.

    The new browser window option means that if you click the thumbnail on your site, the full size version will open up in a new window directly at Picasa (i.e. not using Highslide). I’m not aware of a problem with this feature, but if it’s still giving you trouble, let me know.

    Mike T

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