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    I’m trying to set Subscribe2 up on a friend’s blog. I’ve installed the email-log plugin and am able to receive a test email to myself as a Confirmed Public Subscriber. Because of issues on my last attempt to install Subscribe2, I had deactivated the plugin and dropped the Subscribe2 table from the WP database. So now I’m trying to understand how Subscribe2 shows all 490 registered users as Current Subscribers. This is what feels like the next step in understanding why emails are not going out upon post publication. I’ve already checked with our hosting company that sending should not be an issue.

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  • @john,

    Registered Users / Subscribers are people who have a WordPress login. This is straight from the FAQs:

    I’m confused, what are all the different types of subscriber?
    There are basically only 2 types of subscriber. Public Subscribers and Registered Subscribers.

    Public Subscribers have provided their email address for email notification of your new posts. When they enter there address on your site they are sent an email asking them to confirm their request and added to a list of Unconfirmed Subscribers. Once they complete their request by clicking on the link in their email they will become Confirmed Subscribers. They will receive a limited email notification when new post is made or periodically (unless that post is assigned to one of the excluded categories you defined). These Public Subscribers will receive a plaintext email with an excerpt of the post: either the excerpt you created when making the post, the portion of text before a tag (if present), or the first 50 words or so of the post.

    Registered Users have registered with your WordPress blog (provided you have enabled this in the core WordPress settings). Registered users of the blog can elect to receive email notifications for specific categories (unless Digest email are select, then it is an opt in or out decision). The Subscribe2->Your Subscriptions menu item will also allow them greater control to select the delivery format (plaintext or HTML), amount of message (excerpt or full post), and the categories to which they want to subscribe. You, the blog owner, have the option (Subscribe2->Settings) to allow registered users to subscribe to your excluded categories or not.

    I guess I didn’t realize that Registered Users automatically become Registered Subscribers as soon as Subscribe2 is activated.
    It turned out that the reason post notifications weren’t going out was simply that I hadn’t noticed that the default for Appearance > ‘Disable email notifications is checked by default on authoring pages?’ Is checked. And because there was other plugin info taking up real estate on the authoring page I hadn’t even seen the Subscribe2 check box beneath the Edit window. One thing that might help others, if you can confirm it… Our friendly tech support at LightningBase told me that as long as I was getting emails sent through Subscribe2 > Send Email, that would imply that the server was sending okay.
    P.S. Creating a ‘Test’ category and bulk unsubscribing everyone else from that category helped me do a lot of testing without bugging anyone. Thanks mattyrob!


    “Our friendly tech support at LightningBase told me that as long as I was getting emails sent through Subscribe2 > Send Email, that would imply that the server was sending okay.”

    That helps but it’s not the entire story. In Subscribe2 you can define a sender for the post emails while the ‘sender’ for emails from Subscribe2 > Send Email is the currently logged in user.

    If post notifications don’t work but Subscribe2 > Send Email does then it indicates that there is an issue with the sender setting in Subscribe2.

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