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  1. adamjedgar
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi guys,
    I cannot seem to get an answer for this question anywhere. I must be putting it in terms no one else understands???

    Can someone please tell me...

    when a product is imported into a WordPress shopping cart,

    1. how is the data stored? Is it in the database...or a text file???

    (I hope to god its not a text file...my shopping cart is going to be a snail-pace pile of junk if it is as it will have to update the entire file every time 1 single record is updated!)

    2. If it is in the database, where on earth is the table for imported products???

    ive looked in MySQL database file using Web matrix and cannot find anything to do with my imported products...and yet they are on my site!
    Someone tried to tell me that I should consult the forum for my plugin. im a little miffed at that, as I have three shopping cart plugins and they all seem to be accessing the same imported data...therefore im guessing the data must be stored according to a WordPress standard not that of the individual pluggins.

    is there no one who has an answer to this???

  2. when a product is imported into a WordPress shopping cart,

    A default out of the box WordPress installation doesn't have any ecommerce capability. You need a plugin for that.


    is there no one who has an answer to this???

    Probably someone does, if you can be more specific. ;) Right now you're just generalizing and that won't get you any answers.

    When you have a plugin in mind ask in that plugin's support forum.

  3. adamjedgar
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I am speaking the wrong language obviously,
    So I'll answer it myself... (where are the ERD experts???)

    For some ecommerce it appears products are stored as posts in the wp_post table! Eg WP e-commerce

    For others, they have created and added additional tables for products (the cartpress I think from memory does this)

    I am no expert with ERD's however I cannot see any benefits in combining ecommerce products and forum/blogg posts in the same table in a database like WP ecommerce does. Surely this must hurt performance!

    I have come across comments saying that WP e-commerce shouldn't be used for large shopping carts!

    I wonder if the ERD structure WP e-commerce uses is the reason why?

  4. esmi
    Forum Moderator
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Surely this must hurt performance!

    No. WordPress, remember, is set up to use Posts & Pages.

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