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  • I am new to web design. I have a header I designed that I would like to upload. I have the default theme right now

    My problem is that I am soupossed to replace this line with my jpg file, bu I don’t know where. I opened my FTP (I am with bluehost) and I can not find kubrickheader.jpg anywhere.

    #header {
    background: #73a0c5 url(‘images/kubrickheader.jpg’) no-repeat bottom center;

    Where do I upload my jpeg file so I can replace the blue header with my custom image?

    Thank you in advance

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  • It would be in the theme’s image folder

    so find wp-content/themes/default/images

    The Designing_Headers article in the docs might be good to look over.

    Hope that helps.

    Although you now already know the answer, you could have found it out by simply viewing the page with the existing header, and in Firefox (or whatever browser) go View -> Page Source. Then, search for *.jpg to find (hopefully) URL’s of the images. I think this would always work :S

    Thank you both, as per the Designing header’s article, I looked there:


    Clearly, it is somewhere since the blue box does show up…but I don’t have an ‘images’ folder under default… is it possible that is hidden? If so, how can I make it show on my FTP application?

    For View source, this is what I get for the header:

    <style type=’text/css’>
    <!–#header { background: url(‘’) no-repeat bottom center; }
    #headerimg h1 a, #headerimg h1 a:visited, #headerimg .description { color: #FFFFFF; }

    What FTP client are you using? As far as I’m aware, it MUST be there (unless you have some weird custom URL rewriting going on, but I don’t see why there would be).

    At the moment I’m using FileZilla FTP client, which I think has an option for trying to force show any hidden files. (However I think an FTP server may not necessarily allow any client to see hidden files, depending on whether it has a particular feature enabled or not).

    In your FTP client, see if you have a similar option. If not, give FileZilla a try and report back.

    Found it, I was looking under classic and not default, user error

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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