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  • I have made a child theme out of the twentyeleven theme, i have a functions.php and i have my header, obviously.

    Here is my URL: (scripts i`m attempting to run are on the contact page)

    I have a few custom pages, and some basic styling. What i would really like to figure out is within the context of a child theme, where & how do i call jQuery scripts.

    I have tried putting various versions of the call to googles jQuery plugin, tried that in combination with including calls to the plugins themselves that reside in my child themes js folder.
    ” ” “
    <script type=”text/javascript”src=”<?php bloginfo(“template_url”); ?>/js/slipSlap.js”></script>

    My question is, or rather questions are, what precisely do i need to put in the header and where. And what exactly do i put in the functions.php file and where. To be able to call jquery files that reside in my child themes js folder.(Or do i need to call them from the parents js folder?)

    Furthermore, do i need to call the google version of jQuery or the version that resides in what i assume is my parent js/jquery folder. And do i use get_stylesheet_directory_uri() <strong>or</strong> <?php bloginfo(“template_url”); ?> to call the plugin from the child js folder, and does this code get put in the header or the functions.php

    I would just like some simple clarification on what to include and where to do so. Hope it makes enough sense for someone to realise what it is i`m trying to attain.

    Thanks for looking in.


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