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  • Hi quick question.. I know it says to add (code) to each of the pages I want it to track… i have not had a problem with that before since I had created separate pages before. However this time I have all my pages as categories.. How would I set this up and where exactly would I paste my code for maximum results. In a php file?

    Little confused.


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    You can put the code in the footer.php of your theme.. Or install a plugin that will allow you to do this in the admin area

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    Try to avoid putting this code in your header file as sometime the page will not load before the GA code is triggered and you will get blank results in your statistics from Google

    thank you… any particular plugin you prefer?

    Add the code from Google (no need to use a plugin) just before the closing body tag. </body> (normally found in footer.php) each of your template files should call for footer.php (or other file with this code)…don’t confuse the googlebot with this…keep it simple…

    I have google analytics on my site and it is fantastic.There is so information about your site it is mind boggling!

    login as administrator.


    klik Footer in the right side.
    put the code before </body> tag

    OR do same with an FTP client which is more reliable.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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