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    Please have a look at the FAQ section:

    There, you als get a link with more detailed information:

    Please also avoid uppercase letters in your posts, because it’s rude. Thx.

    This is very confusing and what needs to be mentioned is that the only way to login is to go to the Pro section There is no mention of being forced to put in credit card at the beginning, but after you spend time setting this up are they going to start charging?? If so, I will uninstall. I hate bait and switch.

    So, then I suspect that the problem is the URL…what do I put?? I read your links above. It tells me “Enter your Piwik URL. This is the same URL you use to access your Piwik instance” “the same URL you use to access your Piwik”. What does this mean? What is an instance? What? I’m not writing this in caps and in fact I’m whispering, so hopefully @braekling you aren’t having a break down and can help us.

    @gmanwicksy I found the token by signing up for the pro version which is very sketchy. They actually don’t charge you so you can get the token, but I still can’t figure out how to get this to work even with the API token.

    Plugin Author braekling


    @covershows WP-Piwik is just a plugin to connect your WordPress with the Piwik analytics software. You need WordPress and Piwik, otherwise you are not able to use the plugin.

    To get Piwik, you have to install Piwik on your webserver (like you did with WordPress) or to subscribe . You can get all information about Piwik here: – a full documentation is available here:, and you can get support here:

    If you setup Piwik on your own (self-hosted) (as described in the Piwik documentation), it’s absolutely free. After Piwik is installed, you can follow the documentation ( to configure WP-Piwik: You need the URL, which you use to access your Piwik (e.g.,, and the auth token. Afterwards, if you don’t want to change your WordPress theme’s source code, go to the tracking tab and activate the tracking… so WP-Piwik will manage this for you.

    Additionally, the Piwik team offers a Pro (cloud-hosted) version, which means they will take care of everything and give extended support. But keep in mind this version is only free for 30 days! If you are using Pro, you just have to enter your auth token and your Piwik Pro user name. (And to activate tracking, of course. ;-))

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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