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    I’d like to retreive a deleted post. The solutions I found on google say that there is a “trash”folder button above the list with posts, but I don’t see it.

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  • Go to this page:


    There you should see the deleted posts. By default, WordPress keeps them around for 30 days (and BTW, this setting can be changed in your wp-config.php file).

    I tried to follow that link (with my own domainname of course), but I am asked to log in. My password is not accepted.
    When I log in at and I past /edit.php?post_status=trash&post_type=post I am again asked to login.

    Well, that’s weird. Do you have admin status?

    You should also be able to reach that page from your Dashboard, under Posts > All Posts. There you should see the option to filter for:

    * All
    * Published
    * Drafts
    * Pending
    * Private
    * Trash

    I made a temporary page so that I can show you what I see:

    The only possible actions: “bewerken” (=edit) or “mnaar prullenbak verplaatsen” (=move to trash)

    That means that either you cannot see what’s in the trash, or the trash is empty.

    Just for a test, you should create a new post, then move it to the trash, and then see what happens on the All Posts page.

    Removed the page X I made to show you what I see to the trash and yes, now I see a trashmap ! Thanks.
    Still wondering what happened to a removed post. Maybe I didn’t save it as a concept.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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