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  • I am trying to edit a file which is generated by WordPress. When I click on the link to the page I want to edit, the file is named “”. I cannot find a page by this name anywhere in my directories. I’ve looked through most of the php files in my themes directory and in the wp-admin and wp-content directories, and I can’t find the code for that page.

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  • Are you trying to edit a normal page (from your blog), don’t you?

    You can use the WP admin panel… I tink I’m misunderstanding you, or maybe you’re confused.

    Anyway, if you want to edit this manually, you’ll need to search it in your Database.

    WordPress does not store it’s posts or pages in a physical file like “page6.html” but in its database. Go into your Admin section, Manage tab, then Pages tab and look for one with an ID of 6. Click the edit link on the right side to edit that page. 🙂

    I’m trying to add a link to a pdf file on a page which is generated using podpress. I have several audio files listed on the page, and for each file listed I need to add a link to a pdf or maybe a powerpoint file. Podpress doesn’t give the option to put these files inline with the audio file, so I thought I could just do it myself, but i can’t find the file!

    The Admin:Mangage:Pages tab is how I got the the page in the first place, but I can’t edit the code directly. Maybe I’ll just insert the pdf file on the next line down and call it good. Thanks for the help.

    Aah, I was thinking like Mark, but… mmm… no idea about how works podpress, sorry.

    Ahhh.. sounds like the actual “code” of the page is being generated dynamically by this podpress thing… so you would have to change what podpress itself was generating.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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