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  • Hey all!

    I’m new to WordPress and need your help! I have installed WordPress on my NAS here at home the webpage is done and everything works in my LAN. My question is if I want friends to see my website where can I find the address I want to share with others? In settings and general is only but that´s not enough. I have open my ports in my router 80 and 443. What part am I missing?

    Thanks in advance

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    192.168.x.x is a non-routable class B range; it cannot be shared “outside” your LAN. You need to either buy a domain name or use one of the free dynamic DNS services and set your router to map incoming traffic to your NAS and set your WP site to use that domain name, not an IP address.

    If you want your site to be readily visible, you should probably consider using a regular hosting service and put the site outside your LAN. (If your site gets hacked, the hacker is literally inside your house and most stuff on your LAN is not that well secured.)

    Hi Steve!

    Thanks for super fast reply, I did´t even finished my dinner 🙂
    I forgot to mention that I have DDNS and all network config done on my NAS, port 80 and 443 are open on my router. I can reach my NAS from work but i don´t understand what´s missing to reach my internaly hostad website on my NAS.

    I understand it´s more secure to put my site on a external host but I am only running this site for 4-5 weeks and can shut it down later.

    I just want to know why I can´t get this running.
    Thanks in advance from a newbie 🙂

    Moderator Steve Stern


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    This is not a WordPress issue — make sure your router is set to forward traffic on 80 and 443 to the NAS.

    Done that yesterday and tested online and all OK

    More and more ISPs are blocking Dynamic DNS to keep people from using their home systems as public servers. DDoS is a serious issue these days, and a DDoS on your home IP address would take out internet for all your neighbors as well as your own.

    I suggest that you check with your ISP to see if they are blocking Dynamic DNS.


    I will ask ISP. I can put it up as a sub domain but I don´t like to mix it up because there two different topics. Will look funny for my org. domain.

    Br Zoltrix

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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