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    Hi and thanks to whomever helps in advance;

    I’m using WP as a website not a blog. I’m using Theme 2010 1.1

    I would like to delete a couple of items:

    1. Above the content there are links to previous and next posts. How do I get rid of those?

    2. I would like to delete the Posted Date and By…

    If someone could tell me the area in the Style CSS that would be wonderful..

    here’s one of my website pages so you can see what I’m talking about

    Thanks again…Wade

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  • Hello Wade,

    I looked at your website, selected the text that is the date and this the html code that makes it up.

    <div class=”entry-meta”><span class=”meta-prep meta-prep-author”>Posted on</span> <span class=”entry-date”>August 6, 2010</span> <span class=”meta-sep”>by</span> <span class=”author vcard”>keiththebeekeep</span></div>

    This is the location of your style sheet.

    So we can this line to the bottom of the stylesheet to make the entire block of code disappear.


    That should work and it is probably the easiest way.

    The most useful thing in the entire planet earth is Firefox with Firebug plugin. Install and play with that, you can view, highlight, and edit html elements on the page and generally play around, make a mess, and ideally solve things much faster .. as you learn what makes what work.

    What you’re going to want to do in your case, is find the div or class that control your specific elements. After a little bit of investigation, it appears to be #nav-above, #nav-below, and .entry-utility. (the # represents a div id, while the . represents a class)

    in your page source, it will look something like:

    <div id=”something” class=”somethingelse”>The Element Controlled by Div</div>

    Now that you’ve found that out, simply add:

    <style type="text/css">
    .entry-utility, #nav-above, #nav-below{

    to your page, or to the end of your stylesheet (style.css) without the wrapping <style></style> and you should be set.

    Hi Mr Gamma,

    I’m still a little lost on your instructions. I went into the Appearance Editor then to Style.css.

    I went to the very bottom of the code and input the following:


    I placed that code both above and below the very last } of the code..

    Neither worked…what am I missing?

    Hi Jakep_sf,

    Did as instructed and it worked perfect…

    I found the Navigation area of the code and placed your code at the top of the area right after the initial {

    Thanks for your help…

    I also downloaded FireBug … got lost immediately … this will be a new learning to come…

    Again, thanks a bunch…Wade

    I still see the posted date on your website. maybe I am FireFox and you are one Explorer? Either that or I have mis-understood your request.

    In any event… The code you have placed in the stylesheet is.


    It should be


    Those are instructions on how to remove this line…

    Posted on August 6, 2010 by keiththebeekeep

    From this page…


    I’m using FireFox…I actually had the right code but typed it in wrong above..

    still doesn’t work..

    No I have to find the right area of the CSS or go all the way to the bottom?

    For example…on the navigational posts; I went to the navigation area of the code and placed the recommended code …

    Here I am literally going to the bottom of the code (not on the page but through the Appearance to Editor to StyleSheet (CSS)

    Still missing something…really appreciate your help…Wade

    Hello Wade, Sorry for the confusion. In your style sheet it looks like this


    But it should be this.


    The way it is now in your website has two colons, the way it should be is with a colon and then a semi colon, it is difficult to see.

    I tried both ways in firefox and it does cause a problem if the semi-colon is not there.

    Ideally the css should be confined to the style.css , not inline in the page.

    If you’re still set on doing it in the page, make sure to wrap it in

    style stuff goes here

    As for the meta information, just add that to your stylesheet

    .entry-utility, .entry-meta{display:none;}

    which is shorthand for

    Note that there is no <style></style> wrapper.

    Hey guys,

    Thanks loads!

    MrGamma…you were absolutely right I had a : not a ;

    What happened is that I was working on two sites simultaneously which I’m sure is always a “NO NO”

    I had the right code but in the wrong place on my fishing site and the wrong code in the right place on my beekeeping site …

    Now both have Right and Right … AND … THANKS A BUNCH YOU TWO … IT WORKS ..


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