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  • First of all, this idea is brilliant. however this plugin needs at least another 500 hours of development to be acceptable.

    Freezes my site’s frontend.

    The site frontend, which loads rather quickly in normal cases, refuses to load at all. This is a disaster for an online store. No theme shows up, none of the posts, in fact all that greets the visitor is a blank white page of void. This shitty plugin is more like Ultimate WP block everything on domain filter

    Backend sluggishness

    As if this wheren’t bad enough, the backend takes ages to load compared to normally a few seconds. I was seriously thinking about installing a FTP program to remove the plugin á la brute force, risking damages to my site’s infrastructure.

    Requires an API key?!

    Now wouldn’t it be better if this plugin just had a simple word replacement system which the user fills in the profound languages in, instead of relying on a third party site requireing me to get an API key? Sure there could be simplier sollutions.

    My final thoughts.

    As it currently stands, this plugin is unfit for usage on any site. Since nothing shows up on the frontend, and the backend loads like a snail envelopeed in hard plaster, I deam this plugin unworthy of my attention. Sad since this plugin has a sh*tload of potential!

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