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  • I am the original author of Visitor maps. This plugin had a new owner in June 2017 with a WP user profile name “fastsecure”. The new owner attempted to put code in several of his newly acquired WordPress plugins that would connect to a 3rd party server he also owned and place spam ads for payday loans and such in the WP posts.

    The new owner did not release any new versions of this plugin. The new owner never added spam code to this plugin like he did to other plugins he acquired. The last version I released was with safe code.

    I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. I never expected that this would happen. The plugin was taken off the WordPress repository by WordPress staff until this can be sorted out. Perhaps a new version will soon be published. I might be able to restore my Contributor status. In the meantime it should be advised to deactivate or uninstall the plugin until it is sorted out who will maintain it.

    Mike Challis

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  • You should never hand over your hard work to someone else no matter what they offer.

    I’m sure every wordpress user would have been happy to pay $10 for the plugin.

    It was a great plugin. You should have kept it and maintained it.



    Hi Mike,
    I’ve been using your captcha plugins for a while and I am not much satisfied with the alternative possibilities that we can find in the WordPress official repository at this time. Is there any chance that -eventually- you publish a “revival” of your plugins or have you decided to give up with WordPress plugins?
    Thank you for keeping us posted. Regards.

    I was using that plugin since my first install of wordpress. I think late 2011. Please bring it back. Thank you for your hard work. RESPECT



    I had this plugin on my site for about 2 years and I am surprised I did not know this until today, November 20, 2017. My question is this to Mike: You said the last version you released was, but I found out the version I have is (before I nuked it.)

    The malicious guy may have compromised me already with I guess what I am asking is: have you had a chance to check what changed for

    Thank you for the great plugin while it lasted.

    Sorry for being basic and possibly silly, but can’t you grab your copy of the plugin – rename it and put it back there like it was before??

    Can I make a copy of the one I have ? The old one works for me –

    Sorry for what happened 🙁 someone up above says there are no others like it and I believe because I looked —

    I am very sorry to know that your plugin was sold-
    I never wrote to you, but you must know your plugin was and is masterpiece here.
    Always found it perfectly working and fast.

    Thanks for these years

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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