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  • I have a LONG post, with pictures and links, I click Publish and all but the first 60 words VANISH!

    Luckily I type everything in Word first, then copy it, paste it into NotePad to get rid of all the back ground coding, then copy it again and paste it into my blog. I have always done it this way.

    Thing is, I can remember this happening ages ago with my old WP blogs – how do I correct it? I don’t know where to start looking for an answer.

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  • Sorry, my link is:

    Yeah, something is not right. My other posts are wacked out too, with funky code where everything was perfectly fine earlier today.

    This is what one of my other posts looks like {{If your not going to be entertaining at least give me something.
    Scrapbooking websites have it made – they can give you crap and you’ll take it because it’s FREE and it’s downloadable and it’s FREE and you get it NOW and you can get tones of it and it’s FREE!}}

    Every time there is a ‘ I get the weird code.
    I hate this, I had this problem with older WP sites many versions ago and never figured out how to fix it.

    AND just to add to the stupidity of all this – I’m using the P2 theme (edited) and if I post the SAME information to the Front of the theme instead of creating a post from the back end, WP will post the entire post, BUT I still have to deal wit the stupid it’s punctuation issues!

    Of course my OLD Posts are still messed up and I can’t fix any of my old posts without them falling apart and I can’t post anything with any form of punctuation from the backend of the site BUT if I post from the front end it looks fine.

    Keep in mind I’m running 6 or so websites off the same server, one running the same theme and the rest all are functioning perfectly, the only one that is not functioning perfectly is the one I haven’t touched in over a week.

    What causes the punctuation to screw up the entire post?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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