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  • Recently uploaded the Yoast plugin – super excited – Since the plugin was installed we no longer come up in Google – I am talking a matter of days for this to happen :/

    However, when I google search the URL within google it does show – I am sure it (may) not be Yoast and just something that I have not activated or an incompatibility of some sort, but any ideas on what could have happened since the installation? I have run through all the tutorials and blog posts trying just about everything… any help would be tremendously appreciated!


    Google search: psychology standard

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  • Any “support” here?

    A google search of those keywords show you listed on page 3 or 4
    No idea what else you might be meaning

    Thanks Martin for the feedback. I recently made a couple of alterations:

    1. Changed the title of the site from “Psychology Standard: The Psychology Journal” to just “Psychology Standard.”

    2. Changed the first header on the homepage from “Welcome…” to “Psychology Standard”

    Then a couple of days later I started appearing on google, like you mentioned page 3/4.

    Do you know if this is just coincidence? Did the changes really help, or was it just a case of time? See, I would rather change the header back to “Welcome” as it seem odd to have two titles saying the same thing (Psychology Standard)?

    Thank you for being the only one to offer some help!

    In considering Google, you will never know however there are some defined best practice areas you should consider as part of your online structure. With that in mind, I’d suggest you hunt down a cheat sheet on those so you are consistent in your approach and not end up doing random and isolated things to your site.
    Changing one page is unlikely to have a great affect on rank.
    Why not change your title to Welcome to Pyschology Standard? Though its more likely your visitors eyeballs are reading your content than your page title too so keep in mind it’s about your visitors and their experience.

    That is a great suggestion, but my headings are so big and they default to all caps- I am not sure how to adjust, but you’re right this would be more graceful. Ill look into getting someone (or turning to the forums!) to make the alterations to the font within the template.

    Thanks again Martin!

    I missed this reply. Ping me if you want my assistance

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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