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    I am using a mobile theme switcher to activate the Tracks theme for mobile only. As soon as I do this the custom menu disappears and the customer footer text defaults back to the standard text “TRACKS WORDPRESS THEME BY COMPETE THEMES”.

    Also the CSS used to make the background white defaults back to the standard dark grey colour.

    Any ideas how to overcome this?

    Oh and is there a way to change the colour of the social media icons so that they don’t vanish on the white background?

    sample on desktop:

    mobile version live:

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  • Theme Author Ben Sibley


    Hmm okay, the custom footer text is stored in the database, so if it’s not updating it is likely a caching issue. I would clear your site’s cache and your mobile browser’s cache and check again. Otherwise, it may be a bug with the theme switching plugin.

    The social media icon colors can be changed with the following CSS:

    .social-media-icons a,
    .social-media-icons a:link,
    .social-media-icons a:visited {
      color: #43b3c4;

    Snippet via the Tracks CSS Snippets Collection.

    Thanks Ben! I thought this might be the case! I have tried 2 different mobile switchers and both have the same result, but as soon as i activate Tracks for both Desktop and Mobile there are no issues in this regard.

    Theme Author Ben Sibley


    Very interesting, I would reach out to the devs for those plugins and see if this is a common issue, and if there’s an easy solution for it.

    I am wondering if I applied the changes directly in CSS file if it would make any difference… I was looking for the file on my server but couldn’t find any file that made a difference, even by trying to break the css file link.

    Which file file (location) would i need to work on to test for this?

    Will definitely contact the other plugin devs!

    thx again.

    Theme Author Ben Sibley


    Sure, so any CSS you want to add can be added to the Custom CSS section in the Customizer. Or, if you’d prefer to work in a stylesheet, I recommend using a child theme.

    We have a tutorial here for using child themes including an empty Tracks child theme you can use to get started. You can then edit the child theme’s style.css file with your own code.

    You want to avoid editing files directly in the Tracks theme because you will lose all of your changes when you update to a newer version.

    Thanks so much! Using the child theme all the CSS works for me EXCEPT tchamning the colours in the top menu (using a custom menu).

    For some reason using the mobile switcher doesn’t work at all now….need to perform more tests!! (going a little cray-cray)

    Any suggestions?

    Actually….nevermind …. I figured out that if I use the custom menu as before then the CSS works. My mistake!

    All Sorted…for now!

    Theme Author Ben Sibley


    Okay glad it’s working! Let me know if anything else comes up.

    Actually…done some more testing with the child theme and the WP Responsive Menu plugin:

    All CSS is now sorted and working as expected when I have a different theme setup for the desktop version. However, the footer still defaults back to the original theme footer. Very strange!!!!

    Theme Author Ben Sibley


    Ah that is tricky. I would double-check the content for the footer text is set first. I visited your site and see the original text too, so I’m guessing it is still cached.

    Actually I have deleted all the cache and turned off caching in the WP Super Cache plugin. Also just noticed that the social media icons are not displaying either.

    When I set the desktop site to the Tracks Theme then the social media icons display and the footer updates with all the custom changes…. weird!

    Theme Author Ben Sibley


    Okay thanks for trying that. So now we know it isn’t your browser’s cache or your site’s cache. Since they display correctly on the desktop, we also know the values are saved properly in the database.

    Tracks doesn’t make any distinction with content output based on screen width (it just gets it from the database), but to be absolutely certain this is not the case, turn off the mobile switcher plugin and view Tracks on a mobile device to see if the footer is the same as on desktop.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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