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  • Hi all, I’m fresh to WP… and sorta fresh to blogging/CSS/PHP in general. Glad to be here on WordPress’s Forums. :]
    Cutting to the chase:
    I have been messing around with a prefab CSS file from, and now I have some quirky display issues. Nothing major, but my

      ‘s and

    • ‘s are giving me textual display problems in the menu. Same thing with my menu on the right side, which is detached from the page.
      Been trying to fix this stuff for 72h, with no luck. Any help appreciated, and by the way, as a former MovableTyper, I can safely say that MT ain’t got nuthin’ on WordPress.
      I have notated my site’s CSS code so you can kinda tell what I am confused by.
      Stay Free!

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    • You can post a link to your css

      Duh, didn’t realize site address was private.

      Dude! That looks awesome! Sorry about the “anyone?” my aggregator didn’t refresh <blush>.
      Seriously, that looks really great… and now if you can bear another question, is it possible to fit an image file in where that header of blue text is now located?

      Mark (podz)


      Support Maven

      Yes 🙂
      In your CSS, and in #header, put this line
      background-image: url(”);
      just under the line similar to this:
      background: #90a090;
      Put the name, and location of your image between the ” – for instance
      background-image: url(‘funkyheaderimage.gif’);
      There are size issues too, but read about this and more stuff on the WP CSS here:

    Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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