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    We no longer hide settings so the advanced settings toggle switch was removed. We did move quite a few settings around and rearranged the menu items. Is there are particular setting or feature you were looking to change?

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    I usually enable it to edit the sitemap settings. I see there’s a box to toggle sitemaps in “Features” now. That wasn’t working so I was trying to turn it on.

    Now I see they are enabled I just tried flushing permalinks and it fixed the problem, I just thought they were disabled! Although yoast should probably flush the permalinks when the plugin gets activated for the first time, this was a fresh install and sitemaps weren’t working even though they were active.

    There were previously options to toggle which post types and taxonomies appear in the sitemap before though, I don’t see that anymore. Is that still available? Honestly I rarely used it so a functions.php alternative would suit me just fine if possible. What would you recommend for when I need to adjust that next?

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    Can you please help me too , where should i go for the sitemap ? Its missing in the plugin

    Joby John

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    @knowjoby Go to General > Features > XML Sitemaps and click the question mark next to it. Then click “See the XML Sitemap”. Note that you might need to go to Settings > Permalinks if that page is not found (that’s the issue I described in my last comment).

    Also see here:

    Guess the sitemap settings have been the move to the search appearance, there we have separate tabs for categories, posts, media and much more.

    enabling over there would be taken care of.

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    You can enable or disable XML sitemaps under Admin > SEO > General > Features

    You can find view the XML sitemaps by clicking on the ? and then ‘See the XML Sitemap’.

    Learn more here:

    Note: Whether or not items appear in the sitemap are based on the ‘Show Posts in search results?’ toggle switch for the different post types found under Admin > Search Appearance. This can also be customized on each individual item under the Advanced tab of the Yoast SEO meta box.

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    I want to enable xml sitemaps but I don’t want any categories and other taxonomies in the sitemap. However, I want categories and taxonomies to be found by search engines. This used to work – but now it does not.

    Hello to all,

    Where did “Excluded posts settings” go from XML Sitemaps -> Excluded posts?

    Figured this one out: In order to exclude certain posts from the sitemap, you’ll need to set noindex them from Yoast SEO meta box.


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    @niska – Maybe I’m not understanding your question, but I don’t think it makes any sense – you want search engines to find your taxonomy and category pages, but you don’t want them in your sitemap? What do you think the sitemap is, if it is not simply a way to point search engines to your website structures (including in your case taxonomies and categories)?

    @doccrispy My problem is that activating the xml sitemap crashes my website – because I have so many posts, categories and taxonomies. That’s why I try to limit the xml sitemap to the most necessary stuff. But with the current version of Yoast SEO I cannot do that. Disabling stuff from the sitemap will cause robots not to find it at all – because it is the same option.

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    @niska – Activating the xml sitemap should not crash your website even if you have a large website, so that’s a separate issue that’s worth reporting, but let’s ignore that here.

    With regard to sitemap / robots visibility, are you saying that the new version of Yoast tells robots not to crawl your categories/taxonomies if you exclude them from the sitemap? I think the only way that would happen is if the the robots.txt file is also changed to indicate they shouldn’t be crawled, because simply removing pages from the sitemap shouldn’t stop the robots from finding your pages.

    It says in the info in Yoast (/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wpseo_titles#top#taxonomies when I click on the question mark) that if I disable categories in search result then they will be excluded from sitempas AND will also have a noindex-robotmeta. I can not find any option to only exclude from sitempas.

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    In order to exclude certain content types or taxonomies from the sitemap, you’ll need to set noindex from the Yoast SEO -> Search Appearance options.

    If you’re not wanting to set noindex to certain content types or taxonomies but would like to exclude them from the sitemap, you’ll need to manually do that by using the wpseo_sitemap_excluded_posts filter.

    Where I can exclude a mailpoet_page from the xml-sitemap?

    Plugin Support Md Mazedul Islam Khan


    @ashegentle In order to exclude the Mailpoet page from the sitemap, please set noindex to the Mailpoet post types directly from the Yoast SEO -> Search Appearance -> Content Types (tab) and which will automatically exclude this from the sitemap.

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