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  • Here’s one here, just scroll down to “How much do I need” and expand the tab for the calculator. It’s a slightly modified version of the form (just css edits though) but gives you an idea of what it can be used for

    I haven’t finished my site, but the awesome power of this plugin can be seen from this law firm’s online conveyancing quote pages.

    The form places all the HTML in the right place, calculates all of the different options (some quite complicated nested IF formulae there…) and then provides the total quote.

    The email gives a fully itemised quote with all of the different variables and a whole lot of other custom text.

    So it really is a great plugin.

    Just need to add a few things to make it perfect:

    a) Ability to clone forms so that they don’t have to be recreated from scratch;
    b) Captcha and or Akismet to block spam
    c) HTML in the emails it can send so that a full corporate image can be created
    d) Conditional showing of dialogue boxes so that questions can be asked when necessary but not otherwise.

    It’d be nice to hear from Igor about how plans for this are going.



    great form, cjeyes!!!
    would you please show me how you made it? I want something like your
    House Purchase Conveyancing Quote

    Thank you so much

    And here…
    Our site online, under the name of the fruits (in Italian sorry):


    Here is my form. Will be moved soon, so look under lawn care if page isn’t found. Click here.

    We hacked it to give values that I specify, because I don’t think you can do exactly what I did with the form the way it was built. It’s a very good form, but somewhat limited. I wanted a drop-down menu where the selected option would then affect the values of all the checkboxes/ radio buttons on the rest of the forms. You can get limited functionality by giving the drop-down options a multiplier value (.75,.85,.95,1.05,1.15) and the checkboxes another value ($45, $55) and then multiply them in your formula (propertysize3*checkbox1) == (.95*$45). But if you want checkbox1 and checkbox2 to be multiplied by different multipliers within the same drop-down menu selection, you don’t have that option built in.

    Sorry, I don’t know how to explain that better. Hopefully it makes sense to someone.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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