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  • I think this is the page you want..please note I said “I think” lol.

    But I have a fixed copy of it located here at this thread.

    It has the fixes for that 1px shift in the header/footer. Along with some other fixes..

    Demo Blog (What you see, is what you’ll get):


    Thanks for the quick reply, spencerp!

    I actually have a major, major problem. I was trying to test the squible theme and forgot to do some extra precautions. I didn’t know that some themes can be broken, giving you a blank screen. Now I can no longer revert to my current theme because all my pages are blank. Crap!

    This thread is a big help though:

    It’s given me a ray of light. My question is–if I download your fixed version of the default theme, should I rename the folder to DEFAULT, so that when I finally click on the default theme will be restored automatically, as what HowToBlog ( said in the other thread?

    Hey..when you download my fixed version, and unzip it all. You’ll have a folder called “FixedFilesForKubrick” you could just rename that one and the one inside it to “default”.

    You could two things rather..if you still have the original “default” theme in the FTP, under themes (wp-content/themes/) directory you could just upload all the fixed files over the existing ones.

    Or if you have that original up there, just delete it and then reupload mine as you would another theme, and have it called… “default”.

    So when you’re all done with it…you should have some like this in the FTP directory.


    I hope this helps….or if need be a moderator will put in their two cents to. =)

    Also, for that other problem, here is part of that thread that might help you to.


    Went to the Binary Bonsai site. It says there that if one is using WordPress 1.5, don’t bother downloading Version 1.2.6 (this is probably not an updated version). I wonder what version is the default theme that’s being used for WordPress 2.0.

    Spencerp, I’m so careless. That’s my problem. I did two stupid things all on the same day. I tested the squible theme and accidentally deleted the default theme. I was cleaning up my themes folder and getting rid of unused themes when that happened. Grr.

    WordPress uses the “default 1.5” version of that theme. =) Which I’m not sure, but could be located on the Codex or from one of the links listed here I believe.

    I know what you’re saying lol..I messed up like that before to.. =(


    The default theme is not anywhere in those links you posted. I wonder why. Is it because it’s built-in, that’s why there’s no download link for it? But what if one has accidentally deleted it?

    If you have deleted that default theme totally off of your computer, you could just redownload a fresh copy of WordPress and then it will be in there for you. =)


    P.S. On a sidenote, from now on you should make copies of everything, just incase something like this happens… or even if something major happens to the blog.. =)

    Or for older versions, like 1.5.x

    @can, just to let you know, I won’t be online here soon, I have a Court hearing today at 9:15am, and it’s now 7:53am…so someone else will have to help ya from here on out.. :/

    @moshu, just out of curiosity, have you ever moderated over at the forums? I could have sworn I had seen your name there before, or maybe that was some where else lol..


    That’s what I’m doing now. But I still would like to save my blog. I’m doing another installation and putting it in a different directory. I’ll copy the default theme and see if I can restore it so I can have my blog back.

    Thanks for all your help, spencerp. I guess I badly needed to have someone tell me that everything’s all right. Don’t panic.

    Really hoping and praying here everything WILL be all right. Just need to be patient.

    I did it! Woohoo! Thank you, Lord! Thank you, WordPress, for having a default theme built in! And thanks to HowToBlog, spencerp and moshu as well! God bless you all.

    @moshu, just out of curiosity, have you ever moderated over at the forums?
    No, I have never been a moderator of that forum. I don’t even know if I ever posted there; not excluded though: a few years ago I had a phpBB install.

    No, I have never been a moderator of that forum. I don’t even know if I ever posted there; not excluded though: a few years ago I had a phpBB install.

    Oh ok..I just wasn’t sure.. I was with them as a forum member for a good while a few years ago…made up two crappy themes and pretty much just gave up on it all then. They keep spitting out too many updates to updates to more updates…bah, who needs it lol.


    Believe me when I tell you the tale of phpbb….

    I started using it at version 0.6 or thereabouts. A LONG LONG time ago. I spent years upgrading, patching, waiting for the next fix, release, update, patch, fix…. you get the idea.

    At one point I had 15 installations with thousands of registered users (CRPG fora mostly). They were successful. So the script kiddies started ramming the gates. I spent hours and days stemming the holes, stuffing my fingers in the dike….

    And I gave up. As of 12/31/05, I no longer have any phpbb intallations. I don’t have time or energy to fix things, to keep up with partial “stem the tide” tweaks, to undo horrific incursions, to pacify unhappy users, to keep increasingly irritated host providers calm.

    You know when this all went wrong? When phpbb started trying to be all things to all people. WP, are you paying attention?

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