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  • I have a brand-spanking-new template and am learning the ins and outs of PHP and CSS. However, I want to be able to play with the template and try stuff out (and view the results) without having to obviously do it with my main index.php file.
    Can I do this or am I fated to the silly trial and error thing? Please say I can do this somewhere.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Yes you can 🙂
    1. Install wordpress again (new table_prefix, new directory) and copy over all your changes – that then becomes a testblog. Testblogs are good because you can test anything at all on them.
    2. Install an apache/mysql/php setup in your computer. Advantage is no uploading of files, and everything really is private for your creations. (I run XP Home and use xampp)
    3. COPY index.php and wp-layout.css, then upload them to your directory but called ‘index2.php’ and wp-layout2.css’. You then need to alter index2.php slightly so it called the correct css file, but be aware that if you click things like comments, it will use the original index file.
    I have used all 3 methods, but now just use 1 and 2.

    …or if you’d like to just work on the CSS format/layout locally, that’s very possible also. (Maybe I’m stating the obvoious here.)
    Grab the source of your page and save it locally. Also save your wp-layout.css locally. Now, make sure the page source actually points to the css file. The import statement of the default setup still points to your online style sheet.
    Now edit your local css file to your hearts content, and view the file locally in your browser.
    My host is a bit slow (I’m a cheapo) so this proved a lot faster.
    And if you want to do it online, just save your index.php and wp-layout.css with new names, on your server (this should work, shouldn’t it?). Then experiment all you want.
    Not very hidden to prying eyes, but your changes won’t affect the current look until you’re ready to switch over.

    The last method is how I do it and it works really well.

    I hadn’t thought of that last option 🙂 Sounds better than what I did until now:
    I’m using a dummy index-file which has the exact same structure like the one online, but with static handtyped content. This way I could experiment with the layout/content before changing anything in the online versions.

    Have a look at TSW [The Saint WAMP]. It’s an Apache/MySQL/PHP installer, which can be enhanced by a WordPress plug-in.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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