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  • I have downloaded a few skins from but any of them have the template (at least that’s what my wp blog tells me). I’d like to know where I can download fine complete!! themes to install in my blog.


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  • this can help you I guess:

    But I dont think there is a place from where you can download all the templates.

    You have probably downloaded styles, vice themes. Styles were for WP ver 1.2. If you are running WP 1.5 you can look through them and download them here.

    I was actually thinking about this today, would people want me to set up a website that would be a “home” for all themes available and all plugins available in one easy to navigate place with thumbnails, links to the authors, version numbers and compatibility details etc??

    Before I go off and set this up I just want to know there is enough support, would any of you actually link to the site and reference it at all?

    If I set up a mailing system to let you know of new themes etc would you sign up?

    Perhaps I would expand this to other CMS systems as well?

    I just want to know the interest 🙂
    Sorry for hijacking the thread but this is something I am considering.

    Let me know 🙂


    If you could mail me your thoughts as well that would be good on 😉


    itrends, I am planning for a website.

    Lets talk about it.
    Check your mail in 5min.


    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    itrends – as a FYI

    The themes site is in the middle of a revamp and will be online with a whole new look / functionality very soon.

    The issue of plugins …. first, there is a project to cover that to an extent but getting all you say into one place, maintaining it and supporting it would be a phenomenal task which you shouldn’t underestimate.

    Not saying you shouldn’t if course 🙂

    Woah there. Thinking big, aren’t we!

    Well it just so happens that a project exactly like the one you described is in the works right now. We’ve already bought a domain, done a ton of coding, and designed it all. We’re slotting to release with 1.6. It will have a complementary plugin that will allow for one-click installs of plugins, and all sorts of stats for most-installed. It’ll also cover both themes and plugins

    If you go over to the #wordpress IRC channel, we can show you what we’ve got. Just ping me (jalenack) or Firas or Masquerade. My advice: Don’t try to make that site, as we’ve already got one well-along.

    So there is no point in us pursuing the Theme Viewer then Jalenack? We are/were/may be in the middle of a major revamp too but not much point if there is another bigger and better project on the way.

    If not, let me know and I will just close down the theme viewer and we can use yours. It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense have copies everywhere.

    If you’d like to continue working on it, you’re welcome, but between the three of us we’ve got a good bit of work done and its progressing quickly. I’d agree that there’s no need in duplicating code, but I would understand if you went ahead with it anyways just in case.

    A site with all the themes and plugins would be great, but doesn’t that require the cooperation of all theme- and plugin-makers? If someone put his/her themes only on her/her site, then you’d either have to search and find those themes and get permission to put them on your site, or hope that the person takes the time to submit them to you. Is there a way to ensure you get them all?

    That’s all I need–I’ll spend all day at a themes site, just viewing them all, and listing and/or downloading what I like, LOL! 😀

    Sorry…there was some kind of error when I posted, and it posted my post twice.

    Yes, a site will require a certain amount of cooperation with Plugin and Theme authors, but our intention is to make it as easy as possible. The plan is that within the plugin, authors will be able to click three times or so and have their theme/plugin listed on our site, so hopefully getting authors to contribute will be easy.

    Oh well…. sheesh.

    Oh, one thing…whomever makes this site/these sites, I have a request: Please put something on the page to note newly-added themes. It would make it easier for me (and you don’t need to worry about pleasing anyone but me ;-D). This would just save me some time. Thanks!

    That bit is already done 😉

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