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  • or development build? trac isn’t useful unless i have 4 hours to download each file 1 by 1. how do I do it?
    Sorry in advance if this is something obvious that i missed.

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  • I grab copies directly from the SVN. Good luck! And please *do not* use this on your “live public” blog!

    I use this to grab them with:
    TortoiseSVN 1.3.5, Build 6804 – 32 Bit


    little bit confused can i get right link for zip format

    That stuff is not for people who get “confused” by it. It is for testers who know what they are doing.

    Stick to the stable version. Period.

    I agree with moshu, if you can’t even handle the stable version, there’s no need to grab a quirky unstable version, and try working with it.. 😉 =)


    I’m providing a gzipped nightly. Some of us run nightlies but don’t have svn on our hosts, so updating nightlies can be a pain sometimes. If you have shell access, it’s easier to wget a tar.gz and unpack it.

    Nice! But, now you just made it simpler for the UN-experienced to grab them, and possibly even upgrade their LIVE blog’s with TEST Code. =/

    For me though, it’s a nice idea.. however, I’ll just use my method of grabbing SVN Trunk files like I use above. 😉


    sidenote: It’s STILL ALPHA, not BETA!

    If all those that are going to download the test version from your site will come here for support > they will be redirected to you! Just to make it clear 🙂
    Hope you’ll be happy with that!

    LMAO@moshu’s reply.. =) Yeah, that’s for sure! +101 for that!





    lobsterman, xinfo, ketsugi see

    If you would like to be part of this process, please join the WP Testers mailing list and the nightly build location will be sent to you.

    The WP Testers mailing list is the only place appropiate for support on nightly builds, please do not use the support forums or any other lists.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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