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  • Hi, I am a designer and I design custom themes for my clients and I have been trying to convert a plain html site into a wordpress theme. Can someone direct me to a link or page where I can find the different code that is required in the different files like index.php, single.php etc. I have read numerous tutorials but they eventually build up into the authors own look of their theme. I want to be able to create any theme but first I have to know the code that has to be in header.php, index.php etc. in order for wordpress not to crash.

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    A good self-teaching tutorial is to look at the default WordPress themes, Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven. Follow how these themes achieve their header.php, index.php files etc.

    It’s probably best to start with a bare bones theme, like _s Theme from Automattic: — The Best Way To Get Started With The _s Theme

    To download:

    Read up on using a Twentyeleven Child Theme (critical so that your theme file edits are not lost on theme updates) and then look at Page Templates.

    What is good about Page Templates is the ability to add any custom HTML desired and also include some PHP also.

    Basically, a PHP page is HTML wrapped in PHP, it can be quite simple, or quite involved.

    With these custom templates, you can call your existing styles, which are added to the Child Theme’s style.css.



    Hi guys thanks for the advice especially you Seacoast Web Design. I have been working with the child themes I have made a child theme for twentyeleven and have made the changes to the body div in the child themes css file but the changes aren’t taking. I have the “!important” css command but still no go.

    I want to take out the space from the top that twentyeleven leaves. I do this with firefox firebug and it works fine but in the stylesheet it doesn’t, please advise.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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