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  • I’m trying to determine which capability to give a user so that they can confirm a user’s registration with the plugin “Confirm User Registration” (I think that’s the name of the plugin). But nowhere can I find definitions of all (Core) capabilities. The “Roles and Capabilities” page lists the uses for some of the capabilities, but only a handful. Where might I find a listing of the uses of each capability for the non-programmer? Something like the “Roles and Capabilities” page’s listing for manage_options:

    Allows access to Administration Panel options:

    Settings > General
    Settings > Writing
    Settings > Reading
    Settings > Discussion
    Settings > Permalinks
    Settings > Miscellaneous

    Even if the listing doesn’t include plugin-specific custom capabilities, it will help me rule out Core capabilities that aren’t useful.

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  • That page only lists what I need for a handful. I couldn’t find, for example, what the capability “promote_users” does. All that codex page tells me is what version of WordPress first had that capability. But what does the capability do? Why would I want to give it to a non-tech-savvy user who needs admin-like abilities?

    Forgive me; I don’t seem to get what you’re after. I am having trouble finding any capability listed on the huge chart in the middle of that page that isn’t self explanatory.

    For example, someone with the ability to ‘promote users’ would be able to change users’ roles. Why you would give that role to another user would be up to your needs and discretion.

    There do exist plugins that give more granular control over roles and capabilities, if that’s what you need.

    Looking back at your initial post, I would think that since an admin can add and delete users, it would take an admin to approve users via the plugin you have in mind.

    I’m not looking necessarily at that one in particular. I’m wondering what each capability is for. What’s the difference between “delete_users” and “remove_users”? Why is there an “add_users” capability, as well as a “create_users” one? What the heck is “edit_dashboard”? “import” and “export”? What is being imported/exported? These capabilities are not really defined in layman’s terms on the “Roles and Capabilities” codex page. Where do I go to find such definitions?

    It’s as much for my own edification as because I want to know if I can/should allow a user to have any given capability. I’m curious, and I like to understand things.

    Like you, I wish there was one page that would just lay it all out for me. If it exists, I haven’t seen it.

    Some of the things you mention, like import & export, are just dashboard functions that you can learn about just by clicking on them in the dashboard. It is explained right there for you. edit_dashboard allows you to do just that–remove and add dashboard items and the like. (I haven’t had a need for that so I really don’t know all that it does or doesn’t do.)

    Other things are very specific and if you really want to know what they do and how, you may need to start digging into the Codex Function Reference. This should be one of your bookmarked pages.

    When it comes to the practicalities of assigning roles though, best practice is just to read the chart from the bottom up and look for the minimum-level role for a user that includes what you want them to be able to do. If the divisions are too coarse, you may need a plugin to fine tune it. Or you might eventually write your own. And afterwards, you can write that all-encompassing Codex page for us.

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